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Meet World Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christian Drehsen

For over 25 years, board certified plastic surgeon, Christian Drehsen, MD, has dedicated his life to perfecting the art and science of cosmetic surgery, becoming one of the most innovative, skilled and respected surgeons in the country.

Dr. Drehsen is committed to pursuing a holistic, “less is more” approach to surgery. By subtly altering and refining your features and following the vectors of your face, he’s able to bring out your innate beauty and improve your appearance in a way that looks and feels natural. With an eye for beauty and an inherent sense of symmetry and proportion, Dr. Drehsen’s aesthetic instincts have allowed him to produce exquisite results for thousands of patients.
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Dr. Christian G. Drehsen's Refresher Lift

Men and women from all over the globe travel to Clinique for plastic surgery to experience the Refresher Lift℠ - Because there is no better option. It's one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures among discerning patients worldwide, due to it's ability to restore a youthful and natural facial appearance that simply is not attainable with traditional facelift techniques.

World class Excellence and Innovation in Cosmetic Surgery

Pioneering efforts with the highly effective Refresher Lift, Dr. Drehsen is confident that the potential benefits of this new approach, such as better volume retention and remarkably improved skin quality in the majority of his cases, will gain acceptance in the near future. He has become one of the most experienced surgeons in the world using this sophisticated approach.

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